Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Poem That Caught My Ear : For My Son, Reading Harry Potter by Michael Blumenthal

This was read poem on NPR's morning edition yesterday 10/13/2014.  It is a slice of humanity, sweet and bitter, true in experience yet perhaps not fully true in reality.  Please forgive my brevity.  I rather enjoy avoiding analysis paralysis.  I much prefer a silent nod to a universal truth.  Yet even more so, what I relish, is breaking the boundary of human obsolescence; which is an ongoing process for those who seek it.  

For My Son, Reading Harry Potter

How lovely, to be lost
as you are now
in someone else's thoughts
an imagined world
of witchcraft, wizardry and clans
that takes you in so utterly
all the ceaseless background noise
of life's insistent pull and drag soon fades
and you are left, a young boy
captured in attention's undivided daze,
as I was once
when books defined a world
no trouble could yet penetrate
or others spoil, or regret stain,
when, between covers, under covers,
all is safe and sure
and each Odysseus makes it home again
and every transformation is to bird or bush
or to a star atwinkle in some firmament of light,
or to a club that lets you, and all others, in.
Oh, how I wish for you
that life may let you turn and turn
these pages, in whose spell
time is frozen, as is pain and fright and loss
before you're destined to be lost again
in that disordered and distressing book
your life will write for you and cannot change.

Credits:  I copied this poem from the following website: writersalmanac.publicradio.org

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