Thursday, August 11, 2011

What We Really Want

I am writing this because I want to
Sometimes things can be that simple
But frequent occasions would seem to say
it is simply not this way

Oh to bring death to these cognitive holiday's
plaguing a person through the mind
making one not so kind
making you much less dumb
though still consulting ones own thumb...

...To whom you say
"You are my best friend"
"I will overlook all of your faults"
"We will keep them in vaults"
"And drive fancy Renaults"
"And know absolutely nobody for who they really are including YOU...Precious little thumb of mine."

For I am the focus of my life
I seek to please me more than any man woman or child
See that my love for all else is laughably mild
If i could I would marry myself
Rejecting any discomfort that might haphazardly cross my path
Avoiding some wise fools costly wrath
Because I believe the lie that I am enough for me

Sometimes the only medicine for our ego is time and tragedy
Neither of which is cheap
Sooner or later we will meet the end of ourselves
Whether behind young tears or aged old on hospital sheets

In ourselves we have no way out
But there is a way
And the way is a person
The way is a name
The way is a living
Free from all shame

The way is a family
A divine community
A domain where the difference between self and spirit
Is as clear as the waters you are washed in

It is life
It is love
It is true transcending happiness that only comes from struggling against your own control
Control that only brings you to your knees in despair
I used to hate when one's would say
"let go and let God" as I thought it so numbingly cliche
But at the end of myself I can see it is the only working way
...there is grace for my arrogance

I won't be condemned a crimial for hiding these riches
neither will I waste this deposit bought by wound laden stitches
So I follow Jesus.

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